“Boo-Tiful” DIY Halloween Craft

Start getting ready for fall with a specialty spookily-themed woodworking project! Whether you’re hosting a party or simply participating in the neighborhood Trick-or-Treating, candy (or chips, cheeses, what have you!) will never look better than in one of our DIY Halloween bowls or trays.

Making these themed display items is one of the most popular projects in our shop as the instructions and techniques can be applied to making almost any bowl or tray template we offer. So get ready to impress family and friends with hand-made serving bowls and trays!

Prepping Your DIY Halloween Project

Choose your lumber. Moreover, make sure it’s properly conditioned and acclimated to your environment to prevent twisting and warping. *Tip: 2″ thick stock works the best, but you can laminate several layers for your desired look.

By joining and planing, prepare your lumber and ensure all four sides are flat and square. Glue up your bowl/tray blank. Alternate the end grains to prevent future warping, twisting, and cracking. *Tip: 2 ¾” is approximately the maximum depth for most routers.  You will need to consider your own routers maximum depth when deciding your stock thickness.

After your blank has cured, remove any glue residue and sand both sides. Choose your template and center it on your blank. *Tip: Use double face tape to fix your template to your workpiece.

   Halloween Templates Here!

Then trace the inside of the template pattern onto your material. (For any template with multiple compartments, flip or position your template, and trace again.) Make sure your partition walls are at least ½” when you lay out your pattern. *Tip: On some patterns, a larger partition wall could distort the look of your finished product as you finish the outside wall. For this reason, you will need to take that into consideration as you trace your pattern.

Continue the project!

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