Founded in 1989, Eagle America provided woodworkers with the highest quality American-made router bits at affordable prices. And we remain true to the same goal today! Initially a small, family business, our limited product offering was predominantly router bits and sold at woodworking exhibition shows around the United States.


Still family-owned, we now consider ourselves “The World’s Router Bit Source,” in part due to an ever-growing product selection. Such as complementary items from the industry’s best-known companies – like MLCS, Milescraft, Triton, and more – from shaper cutters and saw blades, to instructional books and plans. As a result, Eagle America is the authority for everything woodworking: bits, accessories, tables, and routers. Both on- and offline.

So find solutions to all your woodworking needs and make sure to finish any project! Simply choose from our 2,000+ router bits and 3,600+ quality tools and accessories.


We invite you to join the family of thousands of happy customers who’ve made Eagle America their first choice! Because no matter how much we grow or the business world changes, you can rest assured that you’ll receive quality products and premier customer service from us.