Finished Eagle America keepsake box.

DIY Keepsake Box: The Lid

After creating the keepsake box body, it’s time to build the lid. To continue this part of the DIY project, we recommend using a glue-up assembly of two (2)+ pieces—as using a single wider piece would be prone to cupping, this is done to insure the top stays true and flat over time—and walk you through the process in this blog!

Eagle America's keepsake box project.

DIY Keepsake Box: The Body

This item, also known as a memory box, is used for storing token reminders of people, places, or time. As a result, they are an ideal project for perfect gifts to give to family and friends during major life events. The following instructional will help you make an elegant and simple DIY keepsake box that will store a reflection of a special someone’s special memories!