An image of a completed miter door.

Making A Mitered Door

A mitered door is unique because they don’t involve 90° joinery (they’re a bit like picture frames, and can be made with ornate profiles that “wrap” around all four edges). So the next time you’re building a woodworking project that requires doors and drawer fronts, consider building a mitered door.

Eagle America's Edge Banding Router Bits.

Solid Wood Edge Banding

Sheet goods like particleboard, plywood, and MDF are excellent for a wide variety of projects. They’re the most commonly used materials for cabinets and furniture among hobbyists and professionals. And here you can learn how to make better, more durable, and good-looking cabinet and furniture edges with our edge banding router bits!

The Eagle America Arched Fluting Jig and a completed curved molding.

Curved Moldings: A How-To Demo

Curved moldings can be challenging, especially when you need to incorporate decorative elements like flutes or v-grooves. You can build jigs for curved pieces, but there’s a better way to route these flutes, grooves, and channels: use the Eagle America Arched Fluting Jig.

You can also have it set up and ready to use within minutes of taking it out of the box!