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Woodworking and Hannah Montana

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You may or may not know who Hanna Montana is but if you have children between the ages of 5-15 or watch television you have probably heard her name. So why is her name popping up on a woodworking blog?  The reason is simple, ROUTER BITS!!??



What ??  Let me explain, a woodworker called us and he needed a few router bits that we had in stock and in talking to him he explained that he was making some changes to a piano that is going to be used in the new Hannah Montana movie. How neat is that!

Rought Cutout Finished Curve Using Eagle Bit

He offered to send a few  pictures of how the project was moving along, I said great because my 6 year old daughter loves Hannah Montana so he sent me a few to show her.  Above you can see the rough cutout made to the body of the piano and then the finished cut that was made with one of our Eagle America router bits.

The Finished Product

The Finished Product

If you are a woodworker or a fan of Hannah Montana, here is just a small connection between the two.
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