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Beautiful Bowls & Trays Made By Someone Like You

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I was reading a thread on Router Forums earlier today and stumbled across a post from Danny.  In short, he said this: “I’m making a bunch of candy trays and chip trays for Christmas presents, and the wife decided I need to make them in the holiday shapes using templates from Eagle.”  Want to see his handy work?

Amazing Craftsmanship by Danny from Router Forums

Amazing Craftsmanship by Danny from Router Forums


Well done Danny!  We know there be lots of smiles on people’s faces when they open those presents on Christmas morning.  Any way you can email us some pictures of those warm smiles!?!  If you are motivated by Danny’s work, it is not too late to get started.  You still have a good three weeks to make some bowls and trays of your own.  Just click the image below to see our vast selection of router bowl & tray templates as well as the router bits and supplies that you will need to get the job done right.


Meet Ron Schmucker….He’s been with Eagle America since I was in Middle School!

November 29, 2010 Leave a comment

We just wanted to share with everyone that last week we had a company wide party to celebrate Ron’s 15th Anniversary with Eagle America. Ron is our Warehouse Manager, and makes sure that your order is filled correctly, packed safely, and sent on it’s way to your home in the most efficient shipping way possible.


Ron came to Eagle America 15 years ago as an order processor and liked us so much that he quit his “other” job to work for Eagle America full-time.

Always smiling, Ron has been a real pleasure to work with.

Thanks for all those years of hard work Ron, we all look forward to working with you another 15 years!



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Black Friday – Free Shipping on ALL Orders!

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Attention all woodworkers!  The joys of Thanksgiving day were gone after you awoke from your Turkey-induced nap.  It’s now officially Christmas season, which for most of us means gift making and gift buying.  Whether you need new woodworking tools and woodworking supplies to make gorgeous Christmas presents for your loved ones or if you need to buy someone new Table Saw Blades, Router Bits or a Pocket Hole Jig for under the tree, our Black Friday ’til Cyber Monday offer will make the process a bit more affordable.

From now through Tuesday, November 30th you get FREE SHIPPING on any sized web order at!  Simply use promo code TURKEY-2010 during checkout and we will deliver your woodworking supplies to you at no additional charge!  Enjoy the savings,

Your Friends at Eagle America

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Woodworkers Are Hard To Shop For

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

As you know, woodworkers are very hard to shop for and that is more evident at this time of year.  So do you trust your family to get you the right router bit you need?  Do you think they know that you need a new dado set for your table saw or that a Kreg pocket hole jig will really make you smile?  If not, then we have two suggestions for you.

We have put together a comprehensive list of Great Gift Ideas for Woodworkers.  This special category includes many of our most popular items categorized by price:  Gifts under $25, Gifts under $50, Gifts under $100 and for those of you who have been very nice this year, Gifts over $100.  You can easily send a link to this special category to your friends and family, or you could take it one more step.

You can click over to our site and create your own woodworking tool wish list.  Once you have added items to your list on our site you can easily email it to those close to you, or you can print it and hang it on the fridge as a subtle hint.  So with Christmas fast approaching, get to work on making sure you get the right woodworking tools under the tree…as opposed to another ugly tie or new pair of socks!

A New Idea – Insert Chisels from M-Power

November 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Our friends at M-Power have released a truly unique tool, their Merc Pro Insert Chisels.  Have you heard of them?  Do you have any idea what an insert chisel is?  If not…keep reading.

Merc Pro Inset Chisels offer you a series of unique features specifically designed to meet the needs of a professional woodworker or carpenter where it’s important to be working on your task and not at the grindstone sharpening your tools. These chisels offer you pre-sharpened high speed steel chisel tips that can be replaced in seconds and retain their edge up to 5 times longer than regular carbon steel. This eliminates the need to have a sharpening stone or jig handy. All you need is a screwdriver and a new insert. Used Merc cutter inserts can then be re-sharpened at your convenience saving you both time and money.  Want to hear what someone else has to say about them?  Chris Schwarz at Popular Woodworking posted a review on his blog, click over and give it a read.

We were impressed with these chisels, which is why we are proud to offer them to you today.  For a limited time we are also offering you a FREE 3-Sided insert with the purchase of any size Merc Pro chisel, a value of up to $10.49.  Click here to see more details.  Whether we are talking about router bits, router accessories or hand tools and accessories like woodworking chisels, we take pride in offering you innovative woodworking problem solvers that can make a difference in your shop.

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Thanks Upper Cut Woodworks!

November 17, 2010 Leave a comment

OK, I don’t like to toot our own Eagle America horn too much on the blog but when someone else does I have no problem sharing it with you!  The folks at Upper Cut Woodworks posted about our Eagle America brand roundover router bits.  The name of their post is “Great Roundover Bits from Eagle America”, you can’t make this stuff up!

No rough edges to roundover with this customer review!


Click over and read their post for yourself but here’s the jist of it:

“I ordered the four piece set (100-5625) which includes radius sizes 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4” with 1/2” shanks. Thick carbide, great bearings, and they include a smaller bearing (3/8“) to convert these into beading bits. I like that these bits are made in the USA. They were packaged well and the cutters were coated in clear peel-away goo to protect them during shipping. These are very smooth cutting and my Porter Cable 7518 didn’t skip a beat as the bit cut through the trim.”

That’s an endorsement from a professional woodworker, and we are very grateful for their kind words.  We are  “The World’s Router Bit & Woodworking Source” and take great pride in offering you the largest selection of professional grade, American-made router bits in the industry.  Click over today and try some for yourself.  If you are interested in the set that Upper Cut Woodworks purchased (100-5625) you can see it by clicking here.


Photograph your Woodworks of Art

November 17, 2010 Leave a comment

It is holiday gift making time, can you feel the excitement in the air?  Seriously, as a woodworker you have a talent that lends itself well to making all forms of Christmas gifts.  Whether you are making Keepsake Boxes, Picture Frames, Wooden Signs or Holiday Bowls and Trays, you will be making some neat projects over the coming weeks.  However, do you do anything to catalog your woodworks of art?  Do you keep a portfolio of what you have made?  If not, you should.


You put a lot of hours, sweat and sawdust into those projects.  Once you give them away or sell them you don’t have any record of your accomplishments or any tangible means to track your growth as a craftsman.  So even though you are very comfortable with a router, router bits, your table saw, band saw, scroll saw and hand tools you need to get very comfortable with your camera.  Who would have thought that a camera could be a woodworking tool?!?!

The folks over at recently posted a very excellent read titled, “Photographing Your Work”.  Please make the time to read it, it is very well done and includes a lengthy lesson including explanations on:

  • How Cameras Work
  • Camera Controls
  • Using a Camera
  • Critical Accessories
  • Composition
  • Flash & Lighting

So as you get to work on your loved ones wish lists in the coming weeks, maybe you should consider adding a new camera to yours!


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