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Photograph your Woodworks of Art

November 17, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

It is holiday gift making time, can you feel the excitement in the air?  Seriously, as a woodworker you have a talent that lends itself well to making all forms of Christmas gifts.  Whether you are making Keepsake Boxes, Picture Frames, Wooden Signs or Holiday Bowls and Trays, you will be making some neat projects over the coming weeks.  However, do you do anything to catalog your woodworks of art?  Do you keep a portfolio of what you have made?  If not, you should.

courtesy ThisIsCarpentry.com

You put a lot of hours, sweat and sawdust into those projects.  Once you give them away or sell them you don’t have any record of your accomplishments or any tangible means to track your growth as a craftsman.  So even though you are very comfortable with a router, router bits, your table saw, band saw, scroll saw and hand tools you need to get very comfortable with your camera.  Who would have thought that a camera could be a woodworking tool?!?!

The folks over at ThisIsCarpentry.com recently posted a very excellent read titled, “Photographing Your Work”.  Please make the time to read it, it is very well done and includes a lengthy lesson including explanations on:

  • How Cameras Work
  • Camera Controls
  • Using a Camera
  • Critical Accessories
  • Composition
  • Flash & Lighting

So as you get to work on your loved ones wish lists in the coming weeks, maybe you should consider adding a new camera to yours!

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