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A New Idea – Insert Chisels from M-Power

November 22, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Our friends at M-Power have released a truly unique tool, their Merc Pro Insert Chisels.  Have you heard of them?  Do you have any idea what an insert chisel is?  If not…keep reading.

Merc Pro Inset Chisels offer you a series of unique features specifically designed to meet the needs of a professional woodworker or carpenter where it’s important to be working on your task and not at the grindstone sharpening your tools. These chisels offer you pre-sharpened high speed steel chisel tips that can be replaced in seconds and retain their edge up to 5 times longer than regular carbon steel. This eliminates the need to have a sharpening stone or jig handy. All you need is a screwdriver and a new insert. Used Merc cutter inserts can then be re-sharpened at your convenience saving you both time and money.  Want to hear what someone else has to say about them?  Chris Schwarz at Popular Woodworking posted a review on his blog, click over and give it a read.

We were impressed with these chisels, which is why we are proud to offer them to you today.  For a limited time we are also offering you a FREE 3-Sided insert with the purchase of any size Merc Pro chisel, a value of up to $10.49.  Click here to see more details.  Whether we are talking about router bits, router accessories or hand tools and accessories like woodworking chisels, we take pride in offering you innovative woodworking problem solvers that can make a difference in your shop.

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