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A Good Cause Pays Us A Compliment

December 3, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

If you read our eNewsletter then you are aware of our commitment to a cause called “Wreaths Across America“.  On Veteran’s Day we made donations to the cause for orders that used a special promotion code.  For more information on “Wreaths” and what they do, please click on the image below.  Our Founder, Dan Walter, was emailing with someone from “Wreaths” recently and was surprised to hear that he has used our famous Eagle America Router Bits!

Their Mission - Remember, Honor, Teach

It turns out Captain Mike is a woodworker who had a fun story to share about one of our dado bits.  “I have a 3/4″ dado bit I got from Eagle and I decided to wear it out so I could spend some more money with you. I made a few cabinets and fast decided I would not have near the volume to wear it out, so I loaned it to a friend of mine who runs a custom cabinet shop. He used it for about 6 months, made around 1 complete custom kitchen per week…and it’s still good as new!”  Now that is an endorsement that we will take every day of the week and twice on Sunday.  Click here to see our selection of Eagle America Straight Router Bits, which include the Dado Bits that Captain Mike was referring to.

Captain Mike – thank you for your service to our great nation…and thank you for being a woodworker!

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