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Wall Cupboard Display

March 29, 2011 Leave a comment


Mary, one of Eagle America’s customer service representatives writes:


I have collected Wade figurines for 25 years.

It started innocently enough with the Rose Tea giveaways and now it has blossomed into a full blown obsession.

My collection had out grown its original antique medicine showcase so my darling, Mike, built a wall cupboard for me.

We designed it together and it turned out great.




The bits Mike used on the top and bottom were from Eagle America’s Price Cutter router bit line.

They were profiles P14-2911, P14-3107 & P14-3115.

I wanted a beaded board back for interest but we kept the stains light to highlight the figurines.

We added a cap at the top and bottom to soften the edges.


The clasp to hold the door tight are rare earth magnets embedded in the top of the door and the inside corner of the frame.

As you can see the new cupboard is full so I think he should get started on another one, don’t you?


Trim Routers – Do you or don’t you?

March 28, 2011 3 comments

Thanks to the folks over at for inspiring this post.  I was reading their February newsletter which contained a great article on Woodworking Trim Routers.

The NEW DeWalt DWP611PK in action

A great deal of time here at Eagle America is spent discussing router bits as you can imagine, since we are “The World’s Router Bit and Woodworking Source”.  Many of the technical woodworking calls and emails that we receive are about uses with larger routers mounted in a router table system.  It is easy to overlook a little workhorse like the trim router, which is perfect for all forms of easy routing tasks.

The NEW DeWalt Trim Router being used in it's plunge base

The newsletter at does a great job of highlighting some of the benefits of a trim router:

  • Ease of Use
  • Comfort & Control thanks to the smaller size
  • Cost savings compared to larger models

We have also heard of customers having multiple trim routers that stay setup for specific, high frequency operations at all times.  For example, if you make a lot of tables and you are always putting a 1/4″ round on the edge then you can keep a trim router “locked and loaded” and ready to go. We would like to hear your thoughts on Trim Routers, specifically:

  • Do you use one?  If so, how many Trim Routers do you own?
  • What is your favorite Trim Router?
  • What applications do you use a Trim Router for the most?

We have options for you from DeWalt, Porter Cable and Festool, click over today and take a look.  My guess is if you don’t own one you will be adding one to your woodworking tool collection really soon.

New! No-Tie Shop Aprons

March 25, 2011 Leave a comment

I was surfing some articles over at and stumbled across one featuring a brand new product that looked familiar…


Cool! Wish we had thought of that...oh wait, we did!

We were happy to see that Woodworkers Journal liked them enough to feature them online.  Here’s some more detail straight from the product manager who developed them here at Eagle America. No-Tie Shop Aprons are safer than traditional aprons because they do not have loose-hanging ties that can get caught in machinery. These aprons have adjustable hook-and-loop closures at the neck and waist band which eliminate cumbersome ties and allow for quick and effortless removal.


Hook-and-Loop closure makes life easier for you

The waist band closure also features an elastic band for added comfort and range of motion, unlike tie aprons that can restrict movement.


We like "comfort fit" pants, now you can have the same with your apron

The aprons are made from a durable, machine washable, twill material that prevents woodchips from sticking to them. There is a center chest pocket with two pencil/pen slots and one large (4″ x 5″) slot for a calculator or note pad.  One size fits all elastic waist band.  Made in the USA!

Make sure you visit our New Products section often as we release woodworking products online before they make their way into our print catalog.  We think you will like to see our Neat New Stuff, who doesn’t like cool new woodworking tools and woodworking accessories after all?

LoJack Your Woodworking Tools? Or Add a GPS Locator to Your Router?

March 24, 2011 Leave a comment


GPS Satellite photo courtesy of U.S. Army


I was catching up on some reading today and found an article at that made me laugh, not at the article itself but by what you could do with it.  The article is titled “Is GPS The Answer To Recovering Lost Tools?”  In it the author talks about how leaving tools on the job site can be a hazard and how it would be great to be able to track them in case of a theft.  I am sure something like this will be coming at some point to the woodworking universe.  It made me think of a couple of questions for you today:

  1. Would you pay extra to have a GPS locator as part of a tool?
  2. If you could add ANY technology from “the outside world” to your woodworking tools or your wood shop, what would it be?

So think of it as a woodworking mashup…what technology would you take from your home or office and introduce to your wood shop or to a specific woodworking tool / accessory?  Would you add Blue Tooth technology to your Worktunes Digital Hearing Protection so you could make phone calls while you work?  Would you somehow connect your woodworking router wirelessly to your computer so you could make very precise adjustments to your settings?  Would you add RFID tags to all of your tools so you could more easily track them and inventory them?  What other combination’s can you think of?  Add your comments to this blog post, we are curious to see how crazy some of these could get.

And the winner is…Lloyd Sanders!

March 22, 2011 4 comments

This blog post is probably bitter-sweet for most of you…because only one person could win our “I Love My Router” Giveaway worth over $1,000.  The lucky winner is Lloyd Sanders!  Lloyd’s Woodworking Router Accessory Prize Package shipped today and we can already forecast the smile that will be on his face as he plays in his wood shop this weekend.  Here is a quick photo of the lucky winner:


Lloyd smiles a lot...this one is bigger than usual

Want to know the kicker?  When we called Lloyd to tell him that he had won, he told us “that’s great!” for two different reasons.  First, he had never won anything before!  Not a bad way to break that streak if you ask us, he has been woodworking for over 20 years and now he has some FREE new woodworking tools and woodworking accessories to play with.  Secondly, it was the same week as his birthday.  So from all of us at Eagle America, Happy Birthday Lloyd!

For those of you who didn’t win, “try and try again”.  Keep your eyes on your inbox, we hope to run another giveaway contest sometime soon.

Mortise. Tenon. Router?

March 21, 2011 Leave a comment

*** This post is courtesy of Tom Iovino of Tom’s Workbench ***

The mortise and tenon joint is timeless. Classic. Functional. And, not as difficult to cut as you might imagine.

Oh, sure, if you have never cut one before, you might be scared senseless to start. I mean, don’t you need a shop full of fancy, expensive jigs and unitasking machines?  Think about Norm Abram of the New Yankee Workshop. He cut mortises with special fixtures for his drill press or his dedicated hollow chisel mortiser. And, he had his special table saw jig that cut tenons on boards standing on their ends.  If you build a lot of projects with numerous mortises and tenons, this is a good way to go. These tools offer a great deal of flexibility and convenience when cranking out these joints all day.  But, I would contest that you have one of the best mortise AND tenon cutting systems in your plunge router. Equipped with the right kind of bit, these babies can crank out tight-fitting joinery with little effort.

For mortising, I like to equip my router with an up-spiral bit. Those bits resemble drill bits, with flutes that can eject sawdust from the joint you are excavating, giving you smooth walled mortises of a consistent width and depth.  There are many ways you can go about guiding your router to give you the desired results.  Here are just a few:

With a template. If you rout a slot in a piece of MDF or plywood at a width that can accept a router bushing, it will guide your router as you cut away. I usually cut a 3/4″ slot to accept a like-sized bushing, then use a 1/2″, 3/8” or 1/4″ bit to cut the appropriately sized mortise.

With a center-finding guide. Special base plates with carefully aligned bearings automatically center your bit on the work piece, locating the mortise in the ideal location for maximum strength.

With your edge guide. By using your edge guide, you can carefully place the bit anywhere along the piece, giving maximum adjustability.

With a table mounted router. Flip your router into a router table, adjust the fence to place the mortise where you want it and lower the work onto the bit and using stop blocks to control the final length of the mortise.

The tenon can be made just as easily with your router. You could cut it on a router table by pushing your work past a straight cutting bit, which is certainly a viable option.  However, once I tried a four-faced tenon cutting jig – WOW.  That has become my favorite way to cut tenons. Fast, accurate and repeatable.

Tom and his Tenoning Jig

The jig is very simple to build – it has a flat top piece with a window cut into the top for the router to plunge through. There is also a vertical fin that gets dadoed into the bottom of this top piece. And, finally, there’s a fence that the board you are routing sits against.

Tom's Jig with a board, ready to go

Set the depth on a rabbeting bit, and start the router. The length of the tenon is set by the plunge depth of the router, and the depth of cut is set by the guide bearing at the bottom of the bit.  Jim McCleary of Proven Woodworking has an outstanding page featuring plans for the jig and videos of how it works.

Yes, the mortise and tenon is a great joint. And, now that you know how to cut both parts with your plunge router, what are you waiting for? Get out there and build!

*** Specials thanks to Tom Iovino, a true Shop Monkey,  for this post.  He will be providing posts on a monthly basis for Eagle America, check back again soon. ***

Big St. Patty’s Day Shipping Savings Start Now

March 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Today is your lucky day!  Our St. Patrick’s Day Savings are starting early this year.  Click over to Eagle America today and save on shipping right now.  Need some new router bits, router accessories, saw blades or shaper cutters?  Now is the time to order…but act fast.  Our St. Patty’s Shipping Sale ends 3/20/2011.  Tell your woodworking friends, they might just say you are the leprechaun that showed them the pot o’ gold at the end of the woodworking rainbow.  OK, maybe that was a bit much…have a nice weekend!


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