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Nakashima Auction

Dan, Eagle Ameirca’s founder writes:

Well that was exciting!  There we were, Linda and I on Friday night sitting at home in Ohio watching the live auction in Philadelphia of the family Nakashima furniture on the internet. The web site was cool. They showed a photo of the item being auctioned with a digital display (similar to car odometer) at the bottom showing you the “live” bidding amounts. On the right side of the screen they showed you whether it was a live “floor” bid or “internet”. When the pace of the bidding started to slow they told you to bid faster and then gave you a warning sign when the bidding on each item was about to close. Then came the final bid and then “sold” and on to the next photo.  It only took about 20 minutes for all six groups to be sold off.

The most interesting was the slab coffee table above , a signature George Nakashima piece. Bidding started at $7,500 and quickly sold for $16,000! Needless to say, Mom was pleased when I told her the results of the auction.

Like I said in my blog post below, it was sad to see the heirlooms go. Hopefully they will all go to a family that will cherish and preserve them the way my family had done for over 40 years. My next project is find a nice slab and try to build one just like it.

Will keep you posted


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