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Shaper Cutters – The Next Best Thing to Router Bits

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment

You know the fondness we hold at Eagle America for Router Bits.  However, many professional woodworkers or professional cabinet shops often opt to use a Shaper as opposed to a Router.  We have nothing against the Shaper, we promise!  That’s why we offer a wide selection of our Advantage brand Shaper Cutters for you to choose from.

As with the woodworking router, the woodworking shaper is only as good as the shaper cutters that you put into it. Ours will make you smile when you see the clean, smooth finishes that they produce thanks to their razor-sharp edges. Each features:

  • Extra thick German K-20 industrial carbide that will last many sharpenings
  • Longer life and smoother cuts due to being diamond honed to 800 grit
  • Precision ground steel bodies
  • Special coating to prevent rust and resin buildup
  • Three wing anti-kickback design

The shaper is only as versatile its shaper cutters. Eagle America is proud to offer you one of the widest selections of woodworking shaper cutters on the market. Wood shaper cutters have never been better than this!  Ours have been contractor and professional tested, we know you will love them. Click over today to see our full selection.


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