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Thanks Upper Cut Woodworks!

November 17, 2010 Leave a comment

OK, I don’t like to toot our own Eagle America horn too much on the blog but when someone else does I have no problem sharing it with you!  The folks at Upper Cut Woodworks posted about our Eagle America brand roundover router bits.  The name of their post is “Great Roundover Bits from Eagle America”, you can’t make this stuff up!

No rough edges to roundover with this customer review!


Click over and read their post for yourself but here’s the jist of it:

“I ordered the four piece set (100-5625) which includes radius sizes 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4” with 1/2” shanks. Thick carbide, great bearings, and they include a smaller bearing (3/8“) to convert these into beading bits. I like that these bits are made in the USA. They were packaged well and the cutters were coated in clear peel-away goo to protect them during shipping. These are very smooth cutting and my Porter Cable 7518 didn’t skip a beat as the bit cut through the trim.”

That’s an endorsement from a professional woodworker, and we are very grateful for their kind words.  We are  “The World’s Router Bit & Woodworking Source” and take great pride in offering you the largest selection of professional grade, American-made router bits in the industry.  Click over today and try some for yourself.  If you are interested in the set that Upper Cut Woodworks purchased (100-5625) you can see it by clicking here.



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