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April is National Woodworking Month

April 7, 2011 Leave a comment


April is National Woodworking Month!


Congratulations!  In the tradition of random holidays on the calendar…this month is ours!  In all honesty, we didn’t know that it was National Woodworking Month until we saw a reference to it online…did you know about it?  Long story short, even if nobody else is celebrating your skills this month you should know that your friends at Eagle America are.  We are very thankful for all of the woodworkers out there and respect your ability to make works of art with your hands (and the help of some fun woodworking power tools).

This holiday made us want to ask you a question:

  • If you could pick one and only one NEW tool to add to your woodworking collection, what would it be and why?

Would it be a router? A new table saw?  Something FesCOOL from Festool?  Post your answers as comments to this blog post.

Happy Woodworking,

Your friends at Eagle America

When You Buy the Best Tools…You have to Look Your Best!

December 17, 2010 3 comments

Santa came early this year and stopped by the Eagle America store to try out our line of Festool power tools.

Impressed with the quality and savings, he ordered a sled full and took advantage of Eagle America’s FREE SHIPPING on any Festool purchase over $125.

Santa bought them but Eagle America shipped them out to all the good little woodworking elf’s at the North Pole.

Fancy Santa

Santa or Mike as he is known as at Eagle America is one of our store associates/woodworkers that answers your technical questions.

Celebrating his 6th anniversary at Eagle America this month, he came dressed up to our Christmas party in a tuxedo.

Just couldn’t let the party go on without sharing the moment with all of you.

Merry Christmas!

Festool “Drool”

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Bruce writes:

You just have to love Festool!! 

While showing off our Festool display to a local contractor recently, I could sense that he was getting very excited about the time he could save by using Festool products.  

He was particularily excited about the C-12 portable drill kit,  I know the feeling!  I have one myself !  The right angle and offset attachments in themselves put the unit light years beyond any other drill on the market.  

When we got to the TS55  rail saw he was blown away.  

He left with a Festool Catalog and is going to mark it up for His Christmas “Wish List”

Do you have your Festool list made?


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