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The Finest Example Of A Woodworkers Tool Chest

April 27, 2011 1 comment

Some friends of Eagle America woodorking ran across this amazing tool chest and we thought we would pass it along to our readers.

The Studley tool chest was loaned to the Smithsonian, then displayed in the National Museum of American History as the centerpiece of woodworking.

Look closely. You can see just about every woodworking hand tool ever heard of, beautifully mounted in this highly detailed case.

Mr. Studley, a piano maker by trade, created this mahongany tool chest using detailed inlays of ebony, ivory and mother of pearl.

There are individual cuts and recess for each tool as well as hinged compartments behind the tools seen in the photo that contain even more tools.

Just some of the tools in this chest include: hand saws, hand planes, various measuring tools, drill bits, carving chisels, hammers and much more.

Check out the video below and/or read the Fine Woodworking article.

This is simply amazing …

What’s Old is New Again!

October 27, 2009 Leave a comment

George writes:

I stopped at a garage sale a few days ago and found a wood chisel that had been severely abused and probably used on everything other than wood. I paid a dollar for the chisel, made in Sweden, took it home and turned a frog into a prince using the Worksharp sharpening system.


The Worksharp is a beautiful sharpening tool that can recondition your chisels or hand plane blades back to their original sharpness and then some. The Worksharp is also great for small touchups and maintaining your tools so you will never have to worry about pulling a dull tool out of you drawer or rack again.


I would highly recommend this affordable sharpening station to anyone!

It pays for itself in no time!


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