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Make Woodworking Projects for Mother’s Day

April 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Just a quick reminder for you that Mother’s Day is fast approaching.  This year it is on Sunday, May 8th so you better get cracking on making her something special.  You are a woodworker, this is your chance to shine!  Use your router bits, saw blades, Kreg jig, sandpaper, wood glue and finishing supplies to make Mom feel loved.  Looking for some project ideas?  We’ve got them!  Click here for a few, we have the ideas and the tools for you to get the job done right.

Big St. Patty’s Day Shipping Savings Start Now

March 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Today is your lucky day!  Our St. Patrick’s Day Savings are starting early this year.  Click over to Eagle America today and save on shipping right now.  Need some new router bits, router accessories, saw blades or shaper cutters?  Now is the time to order…but act fast.  Our St. Patty’s Shipping Sale ends 3/20/2011.  Tell your woodworking friends, they might just say you are the leprechaun that showed them the pot o’ gold at the end of the woodworking rainbow.  OK, maybe that was a bit much…have a nice weekend!

15% Off Table Saw Blades – Now through 1/18/11

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Attention all woodworkers, now is the time to save…but you have a limited time to act.  Effective immediately we have taken 15% Off our full selection of woodworking table saw blades!  We have a vast selection of saw blades, dado and box joint blade sets from some of the industry’s biggest brand names.  You can’t have a woodshop without having either a contractor saw, a big cabinet saw, or some form of smaller or portable circular, chop or table saw.  That means you have lots of saw blades, many of which likely need to be resharpened or replaced.  Now is the time to let us help you with that problem!

Click here to see our full selection of table saw blades, ones of all shapes, tooth configurations and sizes.  Act fast, this offer ends on Tuesday, January 18th.  Make sure you share this post with your woodworking friends, you know they need new blades too.  If I were you I would place an order for yourself first.  Enjoy the selection and savings!

Quality Father & Son Time Continued…

December 3, 2009 Leave a comment

The fun with this rocker project was the time that I got to spend with my son over the Thanksgiving holiday.

After he finished scaling the drawing from Matt Nauman’s picture and making the AutoCAD drawing (misstated on first posting) we made up a mockup out of plywood. This was a pretty rough affair but was done only to make sure of the position of the person rocking wasn’t too high.  I didn’t want my son or anyone else tipping over!

 This is what the mockup looked like:

OK, so it is pretty rough looking.  This mockup was to determine function, not aesthetics’.  It worked, but we added a “stopper” at the back of the rocker to keep from rolling over onto your head.   And we added arm rests, just because….  This rough looking  rocker will be used for patterns for the final products. We are currently in the process of cutting material and gluing it up. More to come in my next post…

Woodworking And A Wedding

November 4, 2009 Leave a comment

My son recently married a wonderful woman this summer. As my son was telling me about the wedding arrangements, he asked me if I would make them something special to put envelopes and cards in at the wedding reception. I offered them a wishing well I made 26 years ago for my wedding. No, they said, it seems wishing wells, gift wrapped boxes and painted mail boxes were what everyone was using and they wanted something different.  

After spending what seemed to be hours trying to come up with something different and out of the ordinary, I came across a wedding card box made from picture frames on the internet.  I could make this, only with a few improvements. The hard part was getting the approval of my wife and future daughter in-laws mother. To my surprise, they loved the idea, and it was time to get started. Just one thing, I wanted to keep it a secret from the bride and groom until they walked into the reception hall.

After a trip to the local Amish lumber yard for some oak boards, and the local craft store to purchase four inexpensive picture frames (they came with the glass, photo mat, and frame back I needed- cheaper than buying them separately) I was ready to get busy.

I started out making my own picture frames, something I have never done before. The box has four vertical supports on the corners, made in two pieces. I routed a slot in the center of each piece so when I glued them together they made a hole for a threaded rod to pass through. Then I cut a dado on both sides of each one to allow the picture frames to slide into them.

I attached the threaded rods to the base, slid the vertical supports onto the threaded rods, and slid the picture frames in place. Then I drilled a counter bore to fit a cap nut to hold everything together and conceal how it is opened. It can all be taken apart, and the picture frames can be used separately. Finally, I routed a groove in the bottom to attach a lazy susan so the box would spin around and the pictures on all four sides could be seen.

The box was beautiful and everybody was pleased with my design and effort. Now the real test, what would the Bride and Groom think?

At the reception, I stood at the door with my wife and the bride’s parents greeting the guests as they came in, listening to the comments and complements on my box. However, I was waiting for the Bride and Grooms comments. As they arrived at the reception they saw the card box and thought it was amazing. They were surprised and happy with what I came up with.

That’s how my woodworking skills became part of my son and daughter-in-laws wedding.

Steve Province – Ohio


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