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Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Quality Father & Son Time!

November 24, 2009 2 comments

Tom writes:

A year or so ago, my son was home browsing through one of my Fine Woodworking magazines. He saw this Rocking Adirondack designed and made by Mathew Nauman, a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. My son asked me if I could build it and I said sure. My confidence in my abilities was probably a little overblown!


I scaled out the design from this picture and made the attached CAD drawing. 


We made a mockup out of plywood to make sure it would rock since my son actually wants to use it. We added arm rests and changed the rockers a little to accommodate them. The mock up is serving as a pattern for the rockers and I have started the task of making them. 

My son is coming home for Thanksgiving a day early to help me out. I am looking forward to the quality time we will be spending together!

More to come as our project progresses…


Festool “Drool”

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Bruce writes:

You just have to love Festool!! 

While showing off our Festool display to a local contractor recently, I could sense that he was getting very excited about the time he could save by using Festool products.  

He was particularily excited about the C-12 portable drill kit,  I know the feeling!  I have one myself !  The right angle and offset attachments in themselves put the unit light years beyond any other drill on the market.  

When we got to the TS55  rail saw he was blown away.  

He left with a Festool Catalog and is going to mark it up for His Christmas “Wish List”

Do you have your Festool list made?

Prevent Tool Corrosion!

October 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Check out this great new product we have just added to Eagle America’s product line:

Zerust products help make the fight against rust easier by creating an invisible vapor shield around all metals preventing corrosion of any kind. Great for garden tools, toolbox contents, firearms, router bits, jewelry, and more. It even protects metals like brass, aluminum, copper and silver from tarnishing. Designed to work in many environments, especially where there is high humidity, Zerust will protect your tools because the VCI molecules are heavier than the moisture molecules on metal so they displace them, coating the metal and preventing corrosion. Vapors will not harm wood or wood surfaces.

TheVC2-1 No Rust Vapor Capsulecoverage area is aradius of 2′ from capsule placement for up to 1 year. Great for tool boxes, safedeposit boxes, small safes, drawers and router bit cases.

Zerust drawer liners grip items in place, keeping your shelves, drawersand tools from damaging each other while protecting them from the harmfuleffects of corrosion. These liners have an estimated life span of 5 years and can be trimmed to fit.



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