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Woodworking For Kids – Fun and Educational

December 10, 2010 Leave a comment

I got my start in woodworking when I was about 5 years old. My father and grandfather would give me a block of wood and sandpaper and set me off to the side so I was out of their way while they were working on bigger projects in the wood shop. Once I managed to sand down a block of wood to the size of a tooth pick, I graduated to a hammer and nails, and eventually hand saws and hand drills. It wasn’t until I was in my early teens that I was allowed to use bigger power tools like the table saw, router table, and band saw. Throughout those years I made several little projects, each time seeking the advice from my father and grandfather as I honed my skills.


Jack - Eagle America's youngest product tester.


As a child, I never realized the importance of what I was accomplishing with the leadership from my father and grandfather. At that time, I thought my projects were the best thing since sliced bread and I would proudly show my accomplishments to the entire family.  You can’t do that with a video game!




Jack assembling his project (with a little help from his mother Kim)


Looking back now, the time spent with my father and grandfather not only taught me valuable life-long woodworking techniques and skills, which have come quite handy throughout my adult life, they also taught me the importance of family and the important roles parents and grandparents play in the life of a child. I wasn’t simply building little project’s, I was learning how to communicate by asking questions and describing problems. I learned patience, quality, planning, organization and eventually independence.



In today’s technological world it is hard for parents and grandparents to compete with video games, TV, and toys that simply entertain. This is why I am excited that Eagle America is proudly offering wooden toy kits that can be built and painted by young apprentice woodworkers with the help of a parent or grandparent. These exciting designs can help parents and grandparents teach their children and grandchildren the experience and art of woodworking from start to finish.



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