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Final Rocker blog

June 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Tom, one of our Eagle America woodworkers writes: 

The rocker is assembled complete, three coats of polyurethane have been applied, and it has been delivered.  And, most importantly, Adam is happy with it.  And it is out of my basement!!!

 A few final observation..  The rocker measures close to 30” from side of armrest to armrest.  Since most doors are just less than 30” wide, this presented a problem.  So the armrests are mounted with screws.  There is a screw threw the tennon at the back of the rocker.  The screw is hidden by the armrest.  I tried to offset the hole in the tennon and the holes in the rocker a little as if I were trying to use drawboring.  It worked partially.  I did not offset it much, probably not enough.  But I was thinking that the metal screw would not give like a wooden peg.

 The armrests are held to the back support with a pocket hole screw drilled up from the bottom of the back support.  And that back support is held to the back slats with two screws.  I was not really crazy about these solutions, but could not come up with better.  Those that can be seen are only visible from the back, which is some consolation.

 It was fun building and I learned a lot.  Next time though, I am going to build some directly out of a magazine with complete instructions.


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