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Choosing a Saw Blade

January 13, 2011 2 comments

Our friend Rob Robillard at A Concord Carpenter just posted a great blog article on how to choose a woodworking saw blade.  If you get a chance, click over and give it a quick read.  He reviews saw blade safety, the different types of woodworking saw blades and the three basic tooth designs of blades.


Quality Always Comes First

One of my favorite tips in the article is “don’t buy a saw blade on price”.  I couldn’t agree more!  However, that needs to be qualified.  What he is saying is that cheap manufacturing often gives you cheap results.  I am a huge proponent of VALUE shopping, trying to find the best possible quality for a very fair price.  So, if you cannot find a Forrest  blade in your price range you are better to look at a high quality Freud blade rather than a generic brand that you might find at Home Depot.


I would rather say “don’t buy a woodworking saw blade based on list price” for two reasons.  One is the quality manufacturing argument I make above.  The other is simple – sometimes there are GREAT sale prices on high quality woodworking saw blades.  For example, this week only Eagle America is running a huge Table Saw Blade Sale.  We have taken 15% OFF our entire selection of high quality saw blades from some of the woodworking industry’s biggest names.  Click over today and save,  you won’t be disappointed in either the quality of these blades or the price you pay.

15% Off Table Saw Blades – Now through 1/18/11

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Attention all woodworkers, now is the time to save…but you have a limited time to act.  Effective immediately we have taken 15% Off our full selection of woodworking table saw blades!  We have a vast selection of saw blades, dado and box joint blade sets from some of the industry’s biggest brand names.  You can’t have a woodshop without having either a contractor saw, a big cabinet saw, or some form of smaller or portable circular, chop or table saw.  That means you have lots of saw blades, many of which likely need to be resharpened or replaced.  Now is the time to let us help you with that problem!

Click here to see our full selection of table saw blades, ones of all shapes, tooth configurations and sizes.  Act fast, this offer ends on Tuesday, January 18th.  Make sure you share this post with your woodworking friends, you know they need new blades too.  If I were you I would place an order for yourself first.  Enjoy the selection and savings!


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